Lebaran Trip Day 5 [Guangzhou]

♫ ♫♫ Good Morning Chai from The Coffee Club♫♫♫
The Coffee Club is located just across the Marriott Hotel.

I ordered a glass of hot Chai Latte 印度茶拿鐵 (RMB 36). I could not find good Chai Latte in Jakarta since most cafes use syrup instead of fresh spices and tea leaves. I like the chai latte here. The chai spices come out, the overall taste is not too sweet, and the fresh milk was steamed properly.

I like the history timeline pasted on the wall, showing the journey of The Coffee Club since 1989, the year in which I was born.

The bar counter looks elegant as it is dominated by black color.




♫ ♫♫ All-you-can-find Shopping Center♫♫♫
My dad’s friend took us to this magical building that has everything you can think of; from furniture to households to electronics. Here are some snapshots of the stuffs I like, because it will takes ages to upload all the pictures that I took. Be careful that some stores do not allow us to take picture, but they luckily they reminded us politely and did not yell. Some store keepers ignored the customers, it seemed like they did not need anymore business.

i. Water bottles many colors, many size


ii. ClocksF&B themed clocks


iii. Ceramicsfrom normal to abnormal shapes


iv. Hello Kittyradio player, poker chips and mahjong


v. Food Miniature they look so real that they makes us hungry


vi. Zakkasoft colors, clean look, Japanese style


vii. European Antiques


viii. Furniture & Decorations



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