Lebaran Trip Day 6 [Guangzhou – Shenzhen]

♫ ♫♫Strolling along Beijing Road♫♫♫
Beijing Road is the number one busy street in Guangzhou, famous for fashion shops. I did not look through fashion that much; instead, I spent quite some time at a store called Mini So, originated from Japan.

Mini So is similar to Daiso, but it offers wider range of goods, including snack and beverage. I wanted to buy the pink colored boxing punch stick to hit my boyfriend when he is naughty (hihihihihi just kidding).

This year is the 40th anniversary for Hello Kitty, so there are some companies that do co-branding with Hello Kitty, such as Daphne, which released Hello Kitty collection of shoes and bags.



♫ ♫♫Taking Train to Shenzhen♫♫♫
We took the fast train from Guangzhou South Railway Station to Shenzhen North Railway Station. Normal train takes 1.5 hour from Guangzhou to Shenzhen, but with this fast train that travels at the speed of 267 km/hr, it only took 36 minutes.

The business class seats on the train are better than those on the airplane. You can lie down 180 degree and charge your phone.

We arrived in Shenzhen on time.

We asked a porter to help us carry our luggages. He is very helpful and polite.



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