Bakmi Asoei

I had breakfast at Bakmi Asoei – Kelapa Gading branch. It says the original shop is in Green Garden. I never saw it anywhere else, but apparently it has so many branches, and this one is the 8th one.


I ordered half portion of Mixed Chicken & Pork Noodle (Rp 13.000) with 2 pieces of Suikiauw (Rp 8.000). I really liked the suikiauw, the filling has quite strong garlic fragrant.



Surprisingly, Bakmi Asoei has a Youtube channel on “How to Make Asoei Noodle

Taste ●●●○○
Hospitality ●●○○○
Ambience ●●○○○
Time of Serving ●●●●○
Hygiene ●●●●○
Authenticity ●●●●○

Portion ●●●●○
Presentation ●●●○○
Price ●●●●○


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