Bakmi Alok

Continuing my noodle breakfast routine for the 3rd consecutive day, I came to Bakmi Ayam Alok this morning.

20140806_074754 copy

I ordered ½ Bakmi Ayam Pangsit (Half Portion of Chicken Noodle with Wonton Soup).


The way they lay out the chicken is quite special, similar to how we present the Chicken Teriyaki dish at Caffe The Tha. They do not pour any chopped green onion onto the bowl, but they provide it on each table.


I love to eat green, so I added quite a lot to my noodle bowl, along with chilli. The chilli tasted very sour, I did not like it. The noodle was a bit tough, not my favourite type of noodle.


The wonton skin was thicker than the wonton at other noodle shops I went earlier, but the broth is good.


I saw many whole chickens inside the big pot where they cooked the broth, which made the broth rich.

20140806_080256 copy


The cashier lady was friendly, but it was funny that they did not have any beverage other than mineral water, not even tea. I was a bit confused looking at three or four signs which says: “Tidak menerima potong cakue di sini” (“We do not accept cutting Chinese dough fritter here“).



Here is their simple menu hanged on the wall.



Taste ●●○○○
Hospitality ●●●●○
Ambience ●●○○○
Time of Serving ●●●●○
Hygiene ●●○○○
Authenticity ●●●●○

Portion ●●●○○
Presentation ●●●○○


½ Bakmi Ayam Pangsit (Half Portion of Chicken Noodle with Wonton Soup) = Rp 31.000

Mineral Water 600 ml = Rp 4.000

Total = Rp 35.000




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