Gading Family 88

For today’s breakfast, I tried a different kind of noodle – fried noodle at Gading Family 88, located right next to Bakmi Alok on Sumagung. It also sells Bakpao Ming Yen, a famous steamed bun brand from Bandung, but I’m not sure if these two are family-related.

20140807_080000 copy

It turns out that this restaurant didn’t offer dine-in, only catering and takeaway.

20140807_080327 copyI peeked at one of the catering box and saw lots of Perkedel, which reminds me of the perkedel I ate at my boyfriend’s house – very tasty!

20140807_080753 copy

I ordered Bakmi Goreng Kucai (Fried Noodle with Chives) for Rp 30.000. It smelled very fragrant.

20140807_082352 copy




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