Horapa Seafood & Thai Kitchen

Horapa is a Thai restaurant located in Menteng, which is a branch from Semarang. The word “Horapa” means basil in Thai. The facade of this restaurant is quite unique, symbolises authentic Thai cuisine.


It was empty when we dined there.



The smoking room is made of red bricks – the material my boyfriend likes the most. 20140808_193705


The Thai Iced Tea was really dark in colour, it tasted very nice.


We ordered these three dishes:

i. Toua Kegh Pao Kai Sap: stir-fried string beans with minced beef, garlic and anchovies. The flavour is just right.


ii. Pad Kra Pao: stir-fried ground chicken with basil. I love the crispy basil leaves on top of the chicken. 20140808_195022

iii. Hoey Thod Kratak Roon: stir-fried omelette with scallop, onion leaves and bean sprouts served with Thai sweet chilli sauce. I don’t really like the jelly part of this omelette, which is similar to Taiwanese Oyster Omelette (Ou A Cien 蚵仔煎), made of sweet potato starch.


Next time when I come here with my parents, I will try the crispy omelette – O Suan Krop, and Tom Yum soup that comes in a huge portion.




Taste ●●●●○

Hospitality ●●●○○

Ambience ●●●●○

Time of Serving ●●●●○

Hygiene ●●●●●

Authenticity ●●●●○


Portion ●●●●○

Presentation ●●●○○


Hoey Thod Kratak Roon (Omelette with Scallop) – small portion = Rp 45.000


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