L’Avenue – The Hermitage Hotel

The Hermitage is a new boutique hotel located in Menteng. I like the white interior of this hotel, looks very clean and peaceful. 20140809_07174820140809_072048

Since the occupancy rate is still very low, the breakfast at its French restaurant called L’Avenue is set as a la carte instead of buffet.

20140809_071810 20140809_071818My boyfriend and I have different preferences for morning beverage. I am a coffee person, so I ordered Hot Cappuccino. The cappuccino is made from the Illy machine, decorated with cinnamon powder in the shape of H – the logo of the Hermitage Hotel.


My boyfriend ordered orange juice. The juice is very fresh, a perfect mixture of sour and sweet. The colour is bold orange, like the colour of jeruk Pontianak, but it has the sourness of sunkist.



For appetizer, we got a basket of croissant.20140809_072845 20140809_071844

I was in the mood for Indonesian, so I ordered Bubur Ayam (Chicken Porridge). The yellow soup tastes like Soto Ayam, maybe it is the same soup used for Soto Ayam menu. I liked the chilli paste and emping.


My boyfriend had Western breakfast: Three Egg Omelette and Hash brown. The hash brown was crispy.

20140809_074159 20140809_074205They have a private room.


There is a lounge opposite to the restaurant, also decorated with pictures of Javanese lady.20140809_08051120140809_08051820140809_080459







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