Sunday Breakfast

It feels great to start my Sunday morning in my room, with a cup of hot black coffee and some sweets. Today, I had Azuki Dorayaki and Matcha Madeleine bought from Cosmo Japanese Grocery last night. I really liked them both, especially the Matcha Madeleine. I tasted good quality matcha ingredient. 

 20140817_070135-1 copy

Cosmo Bakery offers four flavours of Dorayaki: Cheese, Nutella, Azuki, and Chocolate. 20140816_185508

There were also 2 types of Madeleine: Mini and Standard, and also 2 flavours: vanilla and matcha.



I am encouraged to try to bake madeleine (maybe mispelled as madelline in the bakery) using Martha Stewart’s Madeleines 101 and Eugenie Kitchen


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