An Unexpected Weekend with Riri

Last Saturday afternoon (August 16, 2014), Riri took Thatha to Anime Festival Asia. Thatha was a little bit hesitate at the beginning, but why not give it a try. Thatha is not a fan of any anime characters, but she is a huge fan of Hello Kitty. Since both anime and Hello Kitty are from Japan, Thatha expected to find some Hello Kitty goodies in the exhibition.


Riri purchased the tickets for half price at the Sosro Fruit Tea booth, but he had to carry back 18 bottles of Fruit Tea for the price of the tickets.


To celebrate Hello Kitty 40th anniversary, Riri and Thatha wore Hello Kitty shirts. 20140816_151807

The Hello Kitty dress code was not prevalent at all since most people were dressed as eccentric anime characters. It felt like attending Halloween Party in the States. 20140816_145321 20140816_145858 20140816_150130

Thatha had attended several exhibitions in JCC, mostly about franchise, but she had never seen JCC flooded with these many people. Amazing. Many young people are very enthusiastic for anime.

20140816_145423 20140816_15001220140816_145556 20140816_145720

What an expensive doll! A question to ask myself: will Thatha buy it if it’s Hello Kitty doll with the price of IDR 6.700.000? Tough question. Thatha cannot answer.  20140816_150524

Sadly, this is the only Hello Kitty product found at the festival. The good thing is Thatha didn’t have to spend any money here.


There was Maid and Butler Cafe, which many people queue up for. However, the cafe wasn’t decorated as cute as those in Japan. It looks more like a regular cafetaria. 20140816_15073620140816_15075020140816_150756

After the exhibition, Riri & Thatha went to Convivium in Panglima Polim. While we were sitting down, chatting, Thatha suddenly found an interesting activity to do after dinner. Without thinking much, they signed up for this detective game, although they weren’t completely sure what this was all about. Sounds mysterious, huh? The location of Escape Hunt is across KFC Kemang, in the same building as Treeangelo Cafe.


There were a big group who just finished their game when Riri & Thatha arrived and they looked happy. 20140816_194705

Unfortunately, pictures were not allowed during the game. Riri & Thatha chose the “Murder in the Bedroom No. 1” activity, which lasted for an hour. It was a very unforgettable experience. They were transported back 100 years to the old Jakarta where they took up the role as detective to solve a murder mystery in a locked room. Before the game, the game master introduced us some rules and instructions. It was funny when the game master put on magic oil on Riri’s forehead since Riri was the chief detective.

Riri & Thatha managed to break out of the room and solve the murder mystery. The escape time was 58 minutes 30 seconds, but they asked for 3 hints from the game master, each hint worths a minute, so our final time is 61 minutes and 30 seconds.

It is definitely a very fun thing to do with your boyfriend, or your group of friends. Thatha is planning to take her family here next time to try other scenes.


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