Ramen Nagi

My brother and I had dinner at Ramen Nagi in Kelapa Gading. 20140818_192702

The main entrance looks very attractive. The red entrance door is in the shape of Chinese Traditional Character 門 (read as “men“) that has meaning of “door”. 20140818_192716

They offer many variations of toppings for ramen and for curry rice.


There are options for halal nor non halal ramen. There are many unique ramen flavours, such as Italian herbs, curry, grilled chilli, Chinese herb (bakuteh).

20140818_184636 20140818_185020

The curry menu look very tempting. I will take my boyfriend who is a curry lover next time.

20140818_185244 20140818_185249

I wanted to try the Japanese homemade sausage, but it wasn’t available. 20140818_185308

I was confused what to order since they offer so many kinds of Japanese food, from ramen, yaki ramen (hot plate), soup gyoza, tsukemen, udon, soba, karaage, yakitori, tebasaki, chicken katsu, tonkatsu, steak, salad, chawan mushi, miso soup, hotplate rice like Pepper Lunch, and many more dessert choices. Finally, I decided to order original omelette. 20140818_190711

There were crews from MNC who did shooting for a TV program. 20140818_185536

Apparently, this ramen noodle brand has spread all over the world – you can find Nagi Ramen in Tokyo, Nagoya, Hongkong, Taipei, Hawaii, Manila. 20140818_185529


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