Sop Buntut Ibu Henny

What a cute doodle wall. 20140815_13095220140815_120713

My friend ordered Sop Buntut Rica Rica, but it didn’t look anything like on the picture. The oxtail appears red on the picture, just like normal Rica-Rica sauce, but this one is green. It tasted a bit weird, sour and not spicy. 20140815_122820

Luckily, I ordered Paket Nasi Bakar, which includes:

  • nasi bakar teri (grilled rice)
  • ayam penyet (spicy chicken) // ayam bakar (grilled chicken) — choose one
  • tahu goreng // tahu bacem // tempe goreng // tempe bacem — choose one 20140815_123819-1

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