Transera Family Karaoke

Today, August 19, 2014, is the grand opening of Transera F-KTV in Ekalokasari Mall, Bogor. This is the fourth outlet. The first one is in Asia Tropis Bekasi, followed by the one in Transera Waterpark, and another recently opened outlet in Merdeka Residence Pontianak. Transera F-KTV is planning to open another 3 outlets, so there will be total of 7 outlets by the end this year. 

Two mascots from Transera Waterpark20140819_101550


An opening speech delivered by Mr. Thomas Effendy as the owner of Transera F-KTV  20140819_104311

Photo booth inside Transera F-KTV 20140819_102839 20140819_111105 20140819_114631

Motto of Transera: Serving with Our Best Services. Members of Transera family: Transera F-KTV, Transera Waterpark, Transera Hotel, Caffe The Tha, Barnival, and Iebe.  20140819_115637


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