Bakmi Karet Foek

Kelapa Gading is called “The Kingdom of Food”; “noodle” is one type of dish that Kelapa Gading is well known for.

Consider yourself lucky if you go to this noodle shop and it is open. Consider yourself blessed if you go to this noodle shop, it is open, and you immediately get a seat. Here is a common busy scene at this shop.


There are two types of noodles in this shop: bakmi karet (rubber noodle) and bakmi halus (soft noodle). I picked the bakmi halus (soft noodle). There are two options of meat: chicken and pork, or you can mix the two.



I added a piece of bakso goreng (fried meatball). I didn’t like the fried meatball; it was cold and not crispy.



I did not try their famous jumbo size pangsit goreng (wonton skin).


I bought a portion of Suikiauw Kuah (Wonton Soup) for my boyfriend who was sick last time. Do not confuse when looking at the picture below, only the wonton soup is bought from Bakmi Karet Foek, and the rest of the dish is from another shop.


I similarities in all noodle shops I visited:

  • There are usually more than one type of noodles.
  • If it is non halal, you have option to choose either chicken or pork, or both.
  • You may order additional items to add to your noodle main dish, such as bakso (meatball), bakso goreng (fried meatball), pangsit goreng (fried wonton skin), suikiaw (wonton).

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