Anniversary Dinner at Kembang Goela

A gorgeous dining area 20140824_183838

Free appetizer: Lidi (dried spaghetti) – my favourite snack during elementary school 20140824_183824

Sate Boemboe Roedjak (Beef skewer marinated with honey and herbs sauce) – My favourite dish of the night. I thought the purpose of the serving dish was to keep the temperature of the satay warm, but turned out that the satays were little bit cold, not freshly grilled. 20140824_185612

Tahoe Telor Bledek (Tofu omelet with julienne of bean sprout, carrot, cabbage, served with vinegar black soy sauce). The sauce was a bit bland. As far as I know, the dressing of Tahu Telor should have dominant peanut flavour, similar Gado Gado dressing. 20140824_185622

Ayam Bakar Ketjap (Grilled braised chicken in sweet soya sauce). 20140824_190530

Nasi Bakar Cakalang (Steamed coconut rice in hot stone bowl served with spicy smoked shredded tuna, with spicy sour light soup with tamarind and torch ginger infused). It was not the kind of Nasi Bakar I expected. The rice was not wrapped in banana leaf, but it was served in a hot stone bowl like Korean Bibimbap. 20140824_185832Anyway, Happy Anniversary Riri!

2014-08-24 20.16.02



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