Bubur Cikini (BurCik)

Bubur Cikini is one of legendary street food vendors in Jakarta. When I arrived at KFC Cikini, I saw two vendors with the title Bubur Cikini, both are crowded, so I wasn’t sure which one is the original. The first one I saw at KFC parking lot has BCR sign on its cart, which stands for Bubur Cikini Raya.


The second one I saw has sign Burcik H.R. Suleman Cirebon, located in Bintaro Bakery, right across KFC and BCR (the first one I saw). According to my driver, this one  is the original one.

 20140823_09054720140823_084827I ordered Bubur Ayam Telor (Chicken Porridge with Egg). I’m glad that they don’t use “kerupuk warna warni” (colourful crackers), but I’m sad that there’s no fried soybean for topping.

20140823_085000 20140823_085034

The man in black is the porridge master. He scooped the porridge, chicken, cakue, emping, tongcai (冬菜 dōngcài / pickled daikon) and fried scallion. His assistant’s job was only placing a plate at the bottom of the bowl and a spoon inside the bowl before serving to customers. 20140823_090220

The hot tea tasted a bit different from regular tea, and there was 20140823_090117 20140823_090319

There are two carts under the same brand, the first one is the porridge, and the other cart sells Martabak Telor. 20140823_090409 20140823_090609





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