MBTI Personality Test

Riri gave me a link to take the MBTI Personality Test. Here is my result.

Screenshot_2014-08-29-13-14-32 Screenshot_2014-08-29-13-15-01


A famous quote for ESFP-ers marilyn-monroe-selfish-quoteSome descriptions of ESFP that apply to me:

  • born entertainers
  • love the spotlight – chat with a unique and earthy wit
  • enjoy the simplest thing
  • no greater joy than just having fun with a good group of friends
  • have the strongest aesthetic sense of any personality type
  • naturally curious – explore new design and style with ease
  • observant and very sensitive to others’ emotion
  • love drama and passion
  • rely more on luck and opportunities
  • dislike complex analysis, repetitive tasks and matching data points to real consequences
  • share emotions through good times and bad with friends and loved ones

ESFP Strengths

  • Bold. ESFPs want to experience things, to try everything there is to try. They do not mind going outside their comfort zone or exploring something that others are reluctant to do. Strongly Agree 
  • Original. ESFP personalities like to experiment and enjoy standing out in the crowd. They do not really care about traditions or what other people expect them to do. Strongly Agree 
  • Excellent people skills. ESFPs tend to be very witty and talkative—they would never run out of things to discuss. They also strongly dislike being alone and enjoy communicating with other people whenever possible. Agree 
  • Great sense of aesthetics and beauty. ESFPs are very artistic, especially when it comes to entertaining other people; this personality type is unmatched in this area. Agree
  • Practical. ESFPs are interested only in practical matters. They dislike theoretical or philosophical discussions, seeing them as a waste of their time. Strongly Agree 
  • Very observant. ESFP personalities live in the present moment and focus exclusively on what is happening “here and now.” They find it easy to notice real, tangible things and changes. Agree

ESFP Weaknesses

  • Find it difficult to focus. ESFPs get bored very quickly and want to stay entertained and excited for as long as possible, regardless of the situation. Not surprisingly, they are likely to find it difficult to deal with tasks that require patience, focus, and dedication. Strongly Agree 
  • Very sensitive. People with this personality type are extremely expressive and emotional, making no efforts to conceal their feelings. They are likely to react very emotionally in the face of criticism or if they are pushed into a corner and are unable to make a decision. Strongly Agree
  • Poor planners. ESFPs rarely think about the future and are more concerned about the present moment, refusing to worry about the next steps or potential consequences.  Barely Agree
  • Always seek excitement. ESFPs take risks and are often self-indulgent, putting the pleasures of the present above stability or long-term plans. Agree
  • Have difficulties in the academic environment. ESFPs see school as a waste of time. They are far more interested in creative, practical things as well as socializing. People with this personality type are likely to find it difficult to stick to schedules and put in enough effort to succeed in the academic environment. Strongly Disagree
  • Loathe conflicts. ESFP personalities do everything they can to ignore potential conflicts, often pretending to be interested or concerned, but then going on to do something they see as fun. Strongly Agree

ESFP Relationships

  • ESFPs often enjoy dating someone without thinking about the next steps or long-term plans. FALSE
  • They will always come up with new and exciting things to do, will be able to talk about everything and everybody (as long as you stay away from philosophical or scientific topics). TRUE. Also stay away from political topics. 
  • Even if the ESFP is very committed to their partner today, that does not guarantee that they will not seriously consider breaking off the relationship after a week. Maybe. Only if the partner is not worth fighting for. 
  • ESFPs are very vulnerable to conflicts and are likely to react very badly if someone says something negative about their relationship or, even worse, if their own partner criticizes them for any reasonTRUE
  • ESFPs personalities are very emotional, and they also prefer to take things at face value instead of trying to guess the motives and reasoning behind them. Consequently, ESFPs are deeply offended by any criticism and may get frustrated even further if the other person tries to take emotions out of the equation by saying that the ESFP should not take this personally or that they are reacting irrationally etc. TRUE
  • ESFPs are also likely to be quite materialistic. FALSE
  • Less mature ESFPs also have a tendency to care too much about social status and their friends’ perception of their relationship. Maybe. Not to the extent of updating Facebook / Twitter / Path status, only care about how the partner acts the same when in public vs in private
  • From the sexual perspective, ESFP personalities are very affectionate, inquisitive, and open-minded partners. They enjoy physical intimacy immensely, and this is clearly visible in all ESFP relationships, as long as their partners are willing to reciprocate. ESFPs are very sexual beings, and they also love sharing that pleasure with their partners. [Secret hihihi]  
  • ESFPs are very enthusiastic, direct, and affectionate partners. Their relationships are likely to be based on simple, pure, down-to-earth love and focus on small everyday pleasures. TRUE
  • Preferred partners: ISFJ and ISTJ types, as their Introversion (I) and Judging (J) traits counterbalance ESFPs’ Extraversion (E) and Prospecting (P) traits. Riri is INTJ 



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