Roti Tan Ek Tjoan

Tan Ek Tjoan is one of the oldest traditional bakeries in Jakarta. 20140823_111436

An old fashioned mobile cart 20140823_111442

Roti Dasi (Tie Bread) 20140823_111502

Roti Gambang is originated from Semarang, also known as Roti Ganjel Rel. This bread is a bit tough, but it’s good for digestion and easy to make you feel full. This bread has a long historical value, as the recipe was invented during the Dutch colony. The colour is brown due to the composition of palm sugar; it has sesame topping and a strong cinnamon flavour. Interestingly, the name “Ganjel” is related to the fact that this bread is consumed one day before the start of fasting period. “Ganjel” means without any hindrance, so by eating this bread, hopefully the Muslims are able to go though fasting period smoothly. 20140823_111513

Roti Buaya Kecil (Mini Crocodile Bread) is a type of sweet bread in the shape of crocodile, which is commonly seen in a traditional Betawi wedding ceremonies. During the Portuguese and the Dutch colony, this bread was made of yam or cassava, but now this bread comes in chocolate flavour. Crocodile symbolises the groom’s fidelity, as crocodiles mate with only one partner and they are very patient. However, the meaning of crocodile changed in nowadays society. We callmen who are unfaithful as “buaya darat”.  20140823_111518


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