Bubur Ayam Khas Brebes Bang Jaya

Unlike other street congee vendors, Bubur Ayam Spesial Brebes Berhias (Bang Jaya), is located in a “ruko” (building) with seating area in Pesanggrahan, Puri Indah. 20140830_200801

The cart size is bigger than the size of usual mobile street congee vendors. 20140830_201154There’s an interesting menu: “Bubur Ga Pake Ayam” (Porridge without Chicken). They also offer delivery with an extra charge of IDR 5.000.


They offer many kinds of satay, including “Telur Muda” / “Uritan” (Young Egg / Unfinished Egg), which is an egg is taken out of a hen but hasn’t fully formed. 20140830_200250

I ordered Bubur Ayam 1 Porsi (Full portion of chicken congee). This chicken congee is indeed very special. The soup broth is very tasty, the chicken is flavoured and the congee is thick. 20140830_200259

Also, the chilli is spicy. 20140830_200341   Although the serving bowl looks expensive, but the food price here is actually very reasonable compared to its quality. 20140830_201159


Taste ●●●●●

Hospitality ●●○○○

Ambience ●●●○○

Time of Serving ●●●●○

Hygiene ●●●○○

Authenticity ●●●●●

Portion ●●●●○

Presentation ●●●●○


Bubur Ayam 1 Porsi = IDR 13.000

Aqua botol =  IDR 4.000


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