DapuRaya is a food court inside Pasaraya Blok M. It is huge. At a glance, it is similar to Eat & Eat, but after you look closer, the two food courts have their own characteristics.  20140830_145334

I really love the interior. The ceilings and pillars look very artistic. Each section has its own interior theme, such as colourful windows on the ceiling, umbrellas on the ceiling, bird nests on the ceiling, batik lanterns, batik fabrics as wall decoration and red brick walls (Riri’s favourite interior material). 20140830_14534220140830_14552920140830_15061820140830_14575520140830_15324120140830_150337

This food court offers various Indonesian cuisine from Sabang to Merauke. The vendors in booths mainly sell main course, and the vendors using carts mostly sell snacks and desserts. There are total of more than 50 vendors. Wow! 20140830_14563420140830_145426

This dessert cart is quite interesting, as all the serving bowls look like real  coconut shells.  20140830_145542 20140830_145554

You need to purchase vouchers before doing any transaction inside this food court, and you may refund if there is extra vouchers. Eat&Eat use the card system with deposit, and you may top up when the balance is inadequate. 20140830_150531For appetizer, I ordered Tahu Gejrot. The method of making Tahu Gejrot is still very traditional, just like in its birth place – Cirebon. Unfortunately, the tofu is not served on clay plate.


For main course, I ordered from Soto Kwali Damar Hadi. There are two options of meat: beef or chicken. I picked chicken soup.


The batik fabric makes the preparation trays look elegant. 20140830_151105

Riri had a hard time deciding what to eat since there were too many options. Thatha recommended Nasi Goreng Kebuli although she had never tried before. The rice is fried with “minyak samin” (Indians call it Ghee), topped with lamb and raisins.  20140830_151438

Riri tempted to order Kolak Durian (durian and sticky rice in a thick coconut milk gravy) since he is a big fan of this king of fruit.


I like how the whole dessert bowl was fresh, didn’t taste artificial and the sweetness level was just right. The coconut milk wasn’t greasy, and the durian wasn’t smelly at all. I like the sticky rice. 20140830_15192920140830_152352             


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