Pasaraya Blok M

It was my first time going to Pasaraya Blok M. The purpose our my visit was to find batik for my mum’s birthday, but turned out we spent more time looking for Riri’s batik, eating lunch, and grocery shopping.

On the third floor, you can find handicraft, souvenirs, paintings, puppets, cravings, silverware, gems and jewelries.


The “congklak” (mancala) board shape is different from regular ones. I’d like to buy this traditional game and “angklung” (traditional music instrument) for displays in Java Japa. 20140830_133056  20140830_144556

I like the table lamp with batik pattern. The wayang table lamp is also nice, but I’m scared of wayang. 20140830_144914

On the second floor is dedicated to Batik Indonesia, where you can find exotic batik from all over Indonesia, from various brands, including Danar Hadi, Batik Keris, etc.

LG floor is my favourite floor, which has Pasar Kopi Indonesia, Kresna BaliDapuRaya, and Bali Gourmet.20140830_154006 20140830_145229 20140830_145243


There’s also another vendor selling coffee from Toraja, as you can see clearly from the miniature of Toraja’s traditional house. 20140830_153723Kresna Bali reminds me of Krisna Shops in Bali.   20140830_153415 20140830_153425

Bali Gourmet is a grocery store with many import items. I like how it has sections of Fresh Produce, Fromage (Cheese) and Butcher Shop with its own unique decoration. 20140830_145306 20140830_154129 20140830_154217

There’s seating area near the CDF bakery of Bali Gourmet.20140830_145312

We bought pretty Batik gift box from this gift wrap store in front of Bali Gourmet called Buntel Kado. 20140830_153730

I’d like to take my mum here, and I’m sure she could spend entire day on the second and third floor.


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