Street Steak

Street Steak is a newly opened steak restaurant in Kelapa Gading, which turned out that it used to run under the name Bobby Steak. 20140829_123404 20140829_123726

The interior design matches the name. The alley between rows of tables is designed as street. There is a green board indicating direction of kitchen, toilet, cashier, just like traffic road signs.

Free appetizer

I ordered Wall Street Steak – 200 grams wagyu tenderloin marble 5+ 20140829_124900

We tried two kinds of sauce: BBQ (left) and black pepper (right). The sauces were too bland. 20140829_12492320140829_124959

Free dessert pudding 20140829_130605


Taste ●●○○○

Hospitality ●●○○○

Ambience ●●●○○

Time of Serving ●●●○○

Hygiene ●●●○○

Authenticity ●●●○○

Portion ●●●●○

Presentation ●●●○○


Wall Street Steak = IDR 156.000


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