Kue Bugis

My mum asked me to buy some snacks for her arisan gathering, and I bought one for myself. Kue Bugis is one of Indonesian traditional cake, which adds to the entry I posted earlier on Indonesian Traditional Cake. I picked this cake because it looks cute, and I had never tried it before. The cake is wrapped in banana leaf in the shape of cone, which looks like a mini version of Caffe The Tha’s Nasi Gurih.


I thought the cake was in shape of cone, but turned out that the cake is round. 20140902_112750

Kue Bugis is made of glutinous rice flour and filled with coconut flakes that has been mixed with palm sugar.


This cake reminds me of another Indonesian traditional cake that looks like an ice cream cone called Clorot, which is hard to find. I went to Pasar Puri last week with Riri, but we didn’t find it. When I was a kid, my mum used to buy it from the wet market every Sunday morning. It’s fun to eat Clorot; you have to carefully unwrap the swirled coconut leaf (daun kelapa / janur). tumblr_mtetp62OT51qbjd7uo1_500


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