Tau Suan 豆爽 (Sweet Mung Bean Soup)

Tau Suan is one of my favourite desserts, originated from my parents’ hometown, Pontianak. However, I didn’t find a good one in Pontianak. I prefer the one in Sunter, Jakarta, or those in Singapore. The main ingredient for Tau Suan is split mung bean, and the thick soup is made of water, sugar and pandan leaves. It is usually served with you tiao 油条 (Chinese dough fritter). I’m not a big fan of you tiao, so I replaced it with walnuts.

20140906_072246This Tau Suan was made by my aunt, Aunt Laura. I really liked it. The sweetness level was just right, and the pandan fragrance didn’t taste artificial. Aunt Laura said that her ingredient was Vitamin C. I was a bit confused. She then explained that the “C” stands for Cinta (Love), because everything that is prepared from heart will taste better. This is true. A message to Riri: let’s make Tau Suan one day. My mum likes it too. I like these two recipe: Ellena Guan and Miss Tam Chiak.


I read a little bit about the history of walnuts in China. Walnuts are used for hand exercise, known as Walnut Therapy. Some even believe that walnut symbolises longevity, safety, reunion, faithful love, health, and wealth.


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