Caffe The Tha Pontianak

New menu is coming to town! Caffe The Tha offers 10 new menu this month:

  1. (Beverage – Ice Blended) Cookies & Cream Frappe: ice blended with creamy Oreo 
  2. (Beverage – Ice Blended) The Tha Milkshake: ice blended with fresh mixed berries 
  3. (Beverage – Traditional Coffee) Kopi Kocok: traditional brewed coffee layered with egg and evaporated milk 
  4. (Beverage – Tea) Love at Aegean Sea Iced Tea: iced blueberry tea, matches with the colour of beautiful Aegean Sea 
  5. (Dessert) Egg Pudding Parfait: custard pudding layered with cereal crumbs, topped with ice cream and fresh cream 
  6. (Dessert) I Scream Scoop Matcha: homemade matcha ice cream 
  7. (Morsels) Mushroom In Aquarium: crispy mushroom 
  8. (Main Course) The Tha Fried Rice: fried rice wrapped in an omelette, topped with ikan teri (tiny crispy fish), served with peanut sauce dressings 
  9. (Main Course) Locupan Curry: Locupan is Chinese short noodle made of rice flour, similar to kwetiau but different in shape, which is also called “Ciam Bi Ie”. It is stir fried in curry sauce. 
  10. (Main Course) Spaghetti Jambalaya: spaghetti dressed in marinara sauce and topped with ikan asin jambal roti (salty fish) 

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 11.00.26 AM
20140909_094732 20140909_09481920140909_105634 copy


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