Mangosteen Coffee


I was so intrigued to try this instant Mangosteen Coffee when I saw it at a grocery store; however, I was quite disappointed after trying it since I could only taste creamer but no mangosteen flavour at all. 20140909_075845 20140909_080002My dad drinks Mangosteen Xanthone capsules everyday, because according to research, mangosteen have many health benefits, such as helps combat Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease, lowers high blood pressure, and many more.

I remember my mum once told me that she used to play mangosteen game when she was a kid. The game goes like this. You guess how many pieces (cloves) of mangosteen before peeling off the fruit. If you guess the number correctly, the mangosteen belongs to you. She then told me the trick to make a good guess by counting the green crown at the bottom of the fruit.



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