Bakmi Bintang Gading


Bintang Gading is one of legendary noodle shops in Kelapa Gading, originated from Ujung Pandang (Makassar). This place is never empty, and I think it is open 24 hours. 20140912_072442 20140912_072738 20140912_072825

The Bakso Goreng (Fried Meatball) was still hot, maybe they just finished frying new batch. Each table has 4 pieces. 20140912_071802 20140912_071849

The condiments on the table (from left to right): salty soy sauce, white pepper and sesame oil. I didn’t know it was sesame oil till I poured some onto my noodle bowl, thinking it was vinegar.  20140912_072717

I didn’t add any chilli since I’m avoiding spicy and acidic food these days.20140912_071920

Bintang Gading offers Ribs and Dimsum menu in addition to standard noodle restaurant menu.   20140912_071732 20140912_071741 20140912_071746



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