Porridge Oats

Annie recommended me a good porridge oats produced by CitySuper, which tastes very differently from the most commonly seen oat brand, Quaker. Other than oats, there are many varieties of muesli, such as cranberry Delight, Apple & Apricot Muesli, All Fruit Muesli, Swiss Style Muesli, and Fruit Crunch Muesli. 20140917_185401

I divided the 500 gram of porridge oats to three containers; one for Riri, another one for Steven as birthday present and the last one for me. I used the honey container from Jeju Island Korea for Riri’s portion. Maybe Riri can use the oats to make granola bars hihihi…  20140922_073139

Steven eats a big bowl of Quaker oatmeal every morning, so I thought this healthy food would be a very good birthday gift for him. 20140922_073324

I made use of fancy Japanese masking tape tool to print out the cute labels for the oat gifts.
20140918_212604 20140918_213720


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