Wandering Around Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Mission Impossible: Searching for Dorami

My friend, Siska, asked me to buy Dorami toy since she couldn’t find it in Jakarta. Annie and I looked for Dorami in 20 different toy shops, but still couldn’t find it. When we almost gave up, we suddenly saw 3D puzzle shop in Island Beverly that sells Dorami. Yay! Mission accomplished. 20140917_161047

Funny floor guide in Island Beverly20140917_161906

Chinese Herbal Jelly

Annie took me to a legendary traditional Chinese herbal jelly shop. 20140917_181757 20140917_181901

It was so bitter that even after I added 3 tablespoons of honey, it still tasted very bitter.   20140917_181908 20140917_181936

The seating area is similar to cha chaan teng. 20140917_182029 20140917_182102 20140917_183230

City Super @ Times Square20140917_184526

Here are some items that I cannot find in grocery stores in Indonesia:

Hong Kong Beer


Coca Cola Life 20140917_185231

Le Cordon Bleu Tea 

Palm Island Premium Sea Salt. Comes in many flavours: White Silver Sea Salt, Bamboo Jade Sea Salt, Red Gold Sea Salt, Premium Pink Diamond Sea Salt   20140917_185658 20140917_185610



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