Pondok Makan Siti Al Azizah

Pondok Makan Siti Al Azizah is a street food vendor in Cikini area that sells bubur ayam (chicken porridge) and many other stir-fry Chinese food – although the name sounds Muslim. This food vendor is often full of customers and it is open for 24 hours. 20140929_20161420140929_20153220140929_20144420140929_201505

I had bubur ayam biasa (regular chicken porridge) and Riri ordered bubur ayam special (special chicken porridge). The difference between the two is that the special one has an egg. I really like the yellow broth, tastes much richer than the legendary Bubur Cikini (BurCik)20140929_20182720140929_201855There’s another vendor of Bubur Ayam Sukabumi in Tebet that is open for 24 hours, which is listed on Jakarta Midnight Snack by Area Magazine.


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