Manado Escape Trip with Riri – Day 2

Riri & Franky went diving in the morning. The lunch is included in the diving package. There were several options for lunch menu: nasi kuning, nasi/kwetiau/bihun goreng, sandwich, etc. The most special menu is nasi kuning  (yellow rice). The Manado version of nasi kuning is different from what we normally see in Jakarta, even the packaging is very different, as the nasi kuning Manado is usually wrapped in woka leaf. The nasi kuning Manado consists of the yellow rice, shredded beef, abon cakalang, and boiled egg. 20141026_13114920141026_131329

Thatha didn’t snorkel on day 2, so Thatha walked around the resort, capturing beautiful panoramas. There was a wedding photo shoot at the chapel by the beach, and there was a mountain on the background.20141026_142409 20141026_14234320141026_142155

At 6 pm, Riri and Thatha tried to take picture at the chapel during sunset, but it was too late. The sun in this area usually sets around 5:30. 20141026_173415 20141026_173457
 20141026_17382020141026_174240 20141026_174003 20141026_174047

Manado Escape Trip with Riri – Day 1

Riri and Thatha took a 5:30 am flight from Jakarta to Manado last Saturday. We arrived in Manado at around 9:30 local time since the flight takes about 3 hours and Manado is one hour ahead of Jakarta.

This was my second time coming to Manado, but I had no memory of this city. Judging from the art deco glass and the tenants at the airport of Manado, the city of Manado should be more promising than Pontianak.

20141025_101011Outside the airport, Thatha saw an interesting phrase Si Tou Timou Tumou Tou and immediately guessed that the meaning must be “welcome”. Apparently, the phrase is the motto of Manado city, which means “Manusia hidup untuk menghidupkan manusia lain” (“Men live to help others live”). What a beautiful phrase that identifies Manado people.

We stayed in Manado Tateli Beach Resort. According to some locals, this resort was used to be Hotel Sedona, and it is going change into Grand Mercure Resort. 20141025_11492720141025_115138

The confusion of the name can be seen from the bath
room amenities. 20141025_115416After checked in, we had lunch at the hotel restaurant. I like the placemat that looks like a traditional satay fan without the stick. 20141025_120332Homemade bread before the meal 20141025_122134After waiting for an hour, our orders finally arrived. The appetizer, Pisang Goroho (Minahasa Fries), came out at the same time as the main course. This is a very unique fried banana that can only be found in Sulawesi. Javanese usually eat fried banana with cheese, condensed milk, chocolate butter, or fruit jams; Pontianak people usually dip fried banana into srikaya (coconut jam). In Manado, the fried banana is accompanied with spicy chilli sauce. The banana used is not the normal soft and sweet banana, it is more like plantain, a bit hard and bland. The chilli sauce in this restaurant is so addicting. I really love this dish. 20141025_125333

For main course, Thatha had Chicken and Beef Satay, Riri had Ayam Woku Bakar, and Franky had Spinach Tagliatelle Carbonara. The peanut sauce for the satay was a bit disappointing, not enough peanut flavours and the texture was too smooth, looked like an instant sauce. 20141025_125308

Franky’s dish didn’t turn out as expected. The homemade pasta was seasoned as Aglio Olio instead of Carbonara, and there was no meat at all, only spicy taste.

The Tale of Two Gado-Gado Vendors

In this entry, I’d like to present two vendors of gado-gado. The first one is a legendary vendor in Kelapa Gading (where Thatha grew up), and the second one is famous in Puri (where Riri grew up).

1. Gado Gado Lely, Kelapa Gading. Ibu Lely is the one sitting at cashier table, wearing purple t-shirt.


The food and drink menu are quite extensive. The food menu is quite interesting, such as Rujak Banci (banci means sissy). 20140822_124631

The gado gado uses a quite unique ingredient: jantung pisang20140822_12472020140822_124900

I saw cincau hijau on the drink menu, so I ordered it since it’s one of Riri’s favourite traditional Indonesian drinks but I have never tried it before. 20141009_130020

2. Gado Gado Bu Bietje, Puri Indah. According to some sources, Bu Bietje started selling gado gado about 20 years ago. I really liked the peanut dressing, as well as the very fresh boiled vegetables. Sadly, there isn’t any emping20140823_144324

It was so refreshing to drink fresh coconut after eating gado gado. I like drinking the water, but I’m too lazy to scrap the flesh. 20140823_143945

Lyon @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel


 Lyon, the French restaurant inside Mandarin Oriental Hotel, offers all-you-can-eat brunch, for both a la carte and buffet menu.

Here is the menu for a la carte. 20141004_113133

1. Roasted Purebred Berkshire Pork with soft polenta and charcutiere sauce 20141004_114335

2. Free-Range Chicken Albufera with black truffle and macaroni au gratin 20141004_114345

3. Duck Foie Gras with salted beets – Riri is a big fan of foie gras, so he couldn’t resist from ordering a second round. The couple sitting next to us ordered 6 plates of foie gras; they are truly the huge fans of foie gras. 20141004_114418

4. Classic Farm Egg Florentine with smoked salmon 20141004_114451 20141004_114518

5. Rib of Lamb with potatoes and broad beans

20141004_1204126. Red Mullet Fillet with fava beans, violon courgette and chlorophyll 20141004_1204297. Roasted Black Angus Beef with pumpkin puree and watercress

20141004_120441The buffet section20141004_115157 20141004_115207 20141004_120609

Cheese and Dessert Buffet 20141004_121319 20141004_121338 20141004_121408

Kouign-Amann – It turns out that in Breton, Kouign means cake, while Amann means butter, so this dessert literally means butter cake. 20141004_121438 20141004_121511 20141004_121710

A la carte dessert: Praline Religieuse with salted butter caramel sauce 20141004_123001 20141004_123013

A simple black coffee to end the grandiose meal 20141004_124758

Remboelan – Indonesian Fine Dining Restaurant

The gorgeous interior design makes us feel like dining in the moon, just like the brand name Remboelan, which means moon. 20141007_17425220141007_174256

The two menu book: the red one is for appetizers & main courses; the blue one is for desserts & beverages. 20141002_18500320141002_185008

Teh Poci Jawa

Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup)20141002_191816

Nasi Bakar Roa (Baked Rice with Smoked Flying Fish) & Sate Campur (Mixed Chicken & Beef Satay) 20141002_192248

Es Cendol Tape – shredded ice with cendol, fermented cassava, jackfruit, coconut milk and gula jawa. 20141002_194213

Makies Tape Semarang – crispy fermented cassava sandwich topped with kopyor ice cream and peanut 20141002_194738

Chef Riri Weekend Cooking Show

1. Indomie Carbonara. Chef Riri added a new sensation to a boring instant noodle by adding an egg into the soup broth, so that it is creamier just like spaghetti carbonara. For finish touch, Chef Riri topped the noodle dish with crispy garlic chips and super spicy Thai chilli flakes. I bet you cannot find this dish anywhere else. Maybe Chef Riri should open a food stall called Warung Indomie Mr. Riri to compete with the existing Warung Indomie Abang Adek.


2. Japanese Katsu Curry. Curry is one of Chef Riri’s favourite dishes. For the curry, Chef Riri used these three secret ingredients: S&B Premium Dinner Curry from Japan,  Citrus Togarashi 柚子七味 from Japan and Curry Salt 咖喱盐花 from Taiwan. 

Cooking the curry. 20141011_152133

Making the layered katsu. Chef Riri succeeded in making layered katsu for the first trial, maybe after a while Chef Riri can compete with Kimukatsu20141011_153255 20141011_153956 20141011_185544Tadaaaa… Here is the masterpiece.

20141011_190944 20141011_191007

  3. Speedy Teriyaki. No marinade. Chef Riri poured these several key ingredients into the frying pan: sautéed onion, mirin, rice wine, Kikkoman soy sauce, black pepper, sugar, and citrus togarashi. 20141012_120828

4. Breakfast Casserole. There were only two elements in this dish: potato (2) and egg (4). First, Chef Riri shredded the potato and stir fry it with seasoning. Lay the potato on the baking dish, pour beaten eggs on top. Bake it for about 15 minutes. 20141012_082249

Chef Riri added love potion in all of his cooking, which caused Thatha’s appetite to increase by multiple times. I have to admit that Chef Riri is talented since he didn’t look at recipe while cooking, everything is in his head. People say that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Thatha is lucky enough to have Chef Riri  who got to Thatha’s heart from her stomach.

Happy Birthday, Jeje!

PhotoGrid_1412935445268Today is my coworker’s daughter’s birthday. Maria Jessica Wijaya (Jeje) is turning 3 years old. At first, I wanted to buy Hello Kitty pyjamas, but I couldn’t find it in all baby shops in Mall Kelapa Gading. I ended up buying a Hello Kitty towel and a Hello Kitty song book. There are 20 songs inside the mini music player that you can shuffle, just like an iPod. 20141010_081203 20141010_081306 20141010_081316 20141010_082443

AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe

AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe is a new Japanese Italian restaurant in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. 20141007_17514220141007_17521520141007_175406

Free bread and butter appetizer 20141007_184127

Drink Menu

Food Menu (Final Design). It was funny that my friend got the fully coloured menu book, whereas I got the draft version. 20141007_183550

Food menu (Draft)20141007_175646

For drink, I tried the Cucumber Peach Cocktail, which is made of Kyuri Cucumber Spirit, Lemon, sliced peach, sliced cucumber and Tonic Water.

For appetizer, we shared Yellowtail Carpaccio in Vegetable Chili Sauce. The fish was too fishy, so we didn’t finish this dish. Btw, I have exactly the same square glass plate as this one. 20141007_184440

For main course, I ordered Spaghettini in Garlic Oil with Spicy Cod Roe and Japanese Mushroom. I really liked the spaghettini, seaweed flakes and mushroom, but the cod roe wasn’t spicy at all and it was too fishy. The waiter was kind enough to give me a small glass of chilli flakes since I ordered extra spicy. 20141007_185306