Kedai Opa

Kedai Opa is a newcomer restaurant in Kelapa Gading, specialises in fried rice.

Nasi Goreng OPA (OPA Fried Rice). This is traditional Makassar (Ujung Pandang) style of fried rice, in which the red colour comes from tomato sauce. Since I’m craze for spicy food, I didn’t find this style of fried rice attractive. The portion was huge, enough to feed 3 people.


Nasi Goreng Yangchow (Yang Zhou Fried Rice). This is the halal version of worldwide known Yangzhou fried rice (yáng zhōu chǎo fàn 扬州炒饭). Actually, the main ingredient for this type of fried rice is barbecued pork (chasiu 叉烧).


Ayam Tanpa Tulang Mentega (Boneless Margarine Chicken). As indicated in the title, the margarine flavour was very strong.


Capcay Goreng (Stir Fry Mixed Vegetables) 20141001_192817

The overall food was OK, but the drinks were a bit disastrous. My brother complained about the Teh Tarik (Pulled Tea). He said all he tasted was the extremely sweet condensed milk. My mum was a bit disappointed that the Kedondong Juice (Ambarella Juice) doesn’t have plum in it.

Kedai OPA has a creative marketing promotion: on Friday every week, the restaurant will draw a winner for filling in comment form, and the winner gets IDR 500k cash. Wow! 20141001_192148


Taste ●●○○○

Hospitality ●●○○○

Ambience ●●●○○

Time of Serving ●●○○○

Hygiene ●●●○○

Authenticity ●●○○○

Portion ●●●●●

Presentation ●●●○○


Ayam Tanpa Tulang Mentega = Rp 28.182

Capcay Goreng =  Rp 29.092

Nasi Goreng OPA =  Rp 29.092

Nasi Goreng Yangchow =  Rp 29.092

Kedondong Juice =  Rp 18.181

Teh Tarik =  Rp 13.636

Teh Tawar (2) =  Rp 9.090

Total (including 10% PB1) = Rp 172.002


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