Remboelan – Indonesian Fine Dining Restaurant

The gorgeous interior design makes us feel like dining in the moon, just like the brand name Remboelan, which means moon. 20141007_17425220141007_174256

The two menu book: the red one is for appetizers & main courses; the blue one is for desserts & beverages. 20141002_18500320141002_185008

Teh Poci Jawa

Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup)20141002_191816

Nasi Bakar Roa (Baked Rice with Smoked Flying Fish) & Sate Campur (Mixed Chicken & Beef Satay) 20141002_192248

Es Cendol Tape – shredded ice with cendol, fermented cassava, jackfruit, coconut milk and gula jawa. 20141002_194213

Makies Tape Semarang – crispy fermented cassava sandwich topped with kopyor ice cream and peanut 20141002_194738


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