Manado Escape Trip with Riri – Day 2

Riri & Franky went diving in the morning. The lunch is included in the diving package. There were several options for lunch menu: nasi kuning, nasi/kwetiau/bihun goreng, sandwich, etc. The most special menu is nasi kuning  (yellow rice). The Manado version of nasi kuning is different from what we normally see in Jakarta, even the packaging is very different, as the nasi kuning Manado is usually wrapped in woka leaf. The nasi kuning Manado consists of the yellow rice, shredded beef, abon cakalang, and boiled egg. 20141026_13114920141026_131329

Thatha didn’t snorkel on day 2, so Thatha walked around the resort, capturing beautiful panoramas. There was a wedding photo shoot at the chapel by the beach, and there was a mountain on the background.20141026_142409 20141026_14234320141026_142155

At 6 pm, Riri and Thatha tried to take picture at the chapel during sunset, but it was too late. The sun in this area usually sets around 5:30. 20141026_173415 20141026_173457
 20141026_17382020141026_174240 20141026_174003 20141026_174047


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