Manado Escape Trip with Riri – Day 3

Thatha finally went snorkelling on day 3. The dive sites visited on that day were: Fukui, Lekuan 2 and I forgot the other one. 20141026_174712 20141027_104140 20141027_104154 20141027_104344 20141027_104347 20141027_104402 20141027_105912 20141027_105930 20141027_105946 20141027_105948 20141027_110012 20141027_110052 20141027_110058 20141027_110103

Enjoy the priceless beauty of sunset in Manado through these pictures.  20141027_171352 20141027_171445 20141027_171521 20141027_171544 20141027_171605 20141027_171718 20141027_171926 20141027_17211820141027_17164620141027_171739

Bored of eating dinner at the resort, we decided to head out to downtown to find some local restaurants. Our guide took us to Mega Mas, an open-air area behind Megamall Manado with many food stalls, ranging from seafood, meatballs, and non-halal food. 20141027_183542 20141027_183606There were just too many food stalls to pick from, and we randomly chose Minahasa Star.

We ordered (from left to right): Babi Tore (Crispy Pork), Cakalang Fufu Rica (Smoked Spicy Skipjack Tuna) , and Kangkung Bunga Pepaya (Stir-fry Water Spinach and Papaya Leaves). 20141027_191805

 Ragey (Pork Satay) – Riri’s favourite dish of the night 

Bobara Bakar (Bobara Grilled Fish)20141027_192302After dinner, the guide took us to look to Kartini Bakery, which is famous for its local pastry Klappertart – a traditional cake of Manado, influenced by the Dutch, made of coconut as the main ingredient. 20141027_195741

In Manado, I witnessed a really fancy mikrolet (public transportation), which is decorated with LED light and loud speakers, and also facilitated with LED TV screen. The seatings are all facing front, unlike in Jakarta or other cities facing sideways. 20141027_183913


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