Manado Escape Trip with Riri – Day 6

The fruit jams served at the resort breakfast restaurant are homemade. Moreover, the resort plants its own fruits, vegetables and herbs, including papaya. No wonder there’s always papaya served for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the resort, and the papayas are always sweet. 20141027_075944 20141030_080925

I was a bit reluctant to leave this resort and go back to Jakarta. We could hardly see blue sky and green trees in Jakarta. I really love the view where there’s one red-leaf tree in a row of green trees. 20141030_081349 20141030_081253Before heading to the airport, we stopped by for lunch. Our guide took us to Soto Rusuk Ba Ko’ Petrus to try its famous pork rib soup.

Riri ordered Rusuk Babi Bakar (BBQ Pork Ribs). 20141030_134804

Franky ordered Soto Rusuk Ba Special (Special Pork Ribs Soup). 20141030_134809

Thatha ordered Soto Ba Ubi Bete (Pork Soup with Taro/Yam) 20141030_134908

The white cubes are the ubi bete (taro / yam). 20141030_135358

Our guide ordered Nugget Ba (Deep Fried Pork) 20141030_135108

At the airport, I bought Manado / Minahasa batik cloth for my mum. I like how they describe the meaning of each element that make up a pattern. 20141030_152118I also brought back a really interesting stuff from Manado to Jakarta: daun woka (woke leaf), which looks like a huge fan. 20141031_080459Some snack souvenirs for my coworkers: Dodol Kenari (Chestnut cake), Lapis Regal and Lapis Wafer. The Dodol Kenari is also wrapped in woka leaf. 20141031_115430I bought Manado coffee powder since I couldn’t find the beans. I think Manado coffee tastes smoother, not as bitter as Pontianak coffee. It is funny that the coffee is labeled as “Export Quality, from ancient Chinese recipe”. 20141103_103647

The Lapis Regal and Lapis Wafer are quite interesting, as the biscuit and wafer are layered with nastar (pineapple tart) crust. 20141029_161401 20141029_161239

Sadly, I didn’t get change to try Saraba, a traditional beverage from Mando that is made of ginger. There’s a row of stalls along the street selling Saraba, which is always full of people at night sitting on plastic chairs. This scene is similar to Jalan Gajah Mada in Pontianak. 20141027_203020


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