EGGsperiment Breakfast

Changing Variables:

  1. Bread
  2. Egg
  3. Seasoning

Experiment 1

Bread: Yin Yang bread (whole wheat with black & white sesame) from Garden Bakery, pan fried

Egg: omelet

Seasoning: Salt & pepper

20141119_060808Comment on result: the bread was soggy

Experiment 2

Bread: Whole wheat from homemade Bakery, toasted for 5 minutes

Egg: soft boiled

Seasoning: Salt & pepper

20141125_055722-5 min20141121_060757 copy

Comment on result: the Hello Kitty toasts were too burnt

Experiment 3

Bread: Homemade Bakery, toasted for 3 minutes

Egg: beaten, microwaved for 30 seconds

Seasoning: ginger brown sugar & black pepper >> meant to be chai 20141129_063641 - 3 min
20141127_064822-beaten, micro 30 sec

Comment on result: the toasts were nicely toasted, but losing the Hello Kitty shape; next step experiment with complete chai spices

Experiment 4

Bread: whole wheat from La Mouette Bakery, toasted for 3 minutes

Egg: unbeaten, microwaved for 45 seconds

Seasoning: Lemon Togarashi

20141130_07021420141130_070731-micro 45sec

Comment on result: the best bread; 30 seconds of microwave should result in runnier egg yolk  


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