UPH Brings My Memory Back to Madison

Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) is indeed a very beautiful campus located in Karawaci. Looking at some groups of students chit-chatting at Starbucks, having lunch at the food court, studying for exams, playing basketball at the gym – all of those scenes made me realize how much I miss my university life back in Madison, Wisconsin. 20141212_123238

The campus has a bookstore, Books & Beyond, located inside a giant glass building, and accompanied by one the most favourite coffee shop in town, Starbucks20141212_122543

Starbucks is packed with groups of students and some faculties during break time.

Christmas tree made of recycled bottles. 20141212_123330

The campus cafetaria that looks like food court at shopping malls.  The food ranging from Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Western. I wish my office compound has this kind of food area.

20141212_123400 20141212_123412 20141212_123442  20141212_123625

Some of the boys were playing basketball during lunch time. 20141212_123556

What a nice place to find some inspiration or chillax with friends.

20141212_124106 20141212_124141

A peaceful spot to study before exams. 20141212_124235


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