Wa’Keke @ Kedai Kopi Kwang Koan

 There are many other things to explore in Kedai Kopi Kwang Koan apart from coffee and steamed buns (bakpao), such as Wa’Keke that offers Manado cuisine.

20141216_073810 20141222_071546

Wa’Keke sells two kinds of fried banana: Pisang Goreng Slice and Pisang Goreng Kipas. Pisang Goreng Slice uses pisang kepok that is not ripe yet, whereas Pisang Goreng Kipas uses riped pisang kepok. I really love the Pisang Goreng Slice, accompanied by tasty chilli.  20141216_075342

I really like their Nasi Kuning Manado, but it is served on regular plate instead of woka leaf. It’s hard to find woka leaf in Jakarta, and it will cost too much to import it from Manado, maybe the leaf will cost more than the rice. The yellow rice is topped with cakalang, kering kentang, boiled egg, fried shallots and the very tasty chilli.  20141222_071844


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