The first time I saw DONQ Boulangerie was in Shanghai, and this bakery has a branch in Singapore, inside Takashimaya. Apparently, DONQ is a popular bakery chain in Japan that has been established for 108 years, whereby it has 180 outlets.

I tried the bestseller item: Cheese Cookie. I don’t understand why it is called cookie instead of bread, whereas the description says it is a soft type of bread w/ cream cheese filling. 20141226_210224 copy

The cream cheese filling tastes so mild that I almost tastes nothing. It is a good companion to drink coffee in the morning. 20141227_082421There are two kinds of anpan: Tsubu Anpan and Koshi Anpan. However, my mum tried them both and didn’t find any differences. Both fillings are sweetened red bean paste (anko). The only tiny difference is the sesame toppings, the Tsubu Anpan uses white sesame, whereas Koshi Anpan uses black sesame. 
20141226_210312 20141226_210328


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