Old Yang Kee

My dad is a big fan of Hunan spicy food, so he requested to eat Hunan food today. Riri recommended Thatha a restaurant called Old Yang Kee 老杨记 in Chinatown. I like the architecture of the buildings in Chinatown area.20141228_130335

The facade of the restaurant


Pictures of menus sticking on the glass door of the restaurant 20141228_130408

The placemats are pictures of historical China during Chairman Mao era.

The Chinese tea is served in TsingTao beer glass. 20141228_131441

The first dish that came out was the Suan Rong Kong Xin Cai 蒜蓉空心菜 (Stir Fry Water Spinach/Kangkung/Morning Glory with Garlic) 20141228_132004

The second dish that came out was a favourite dish of Riri, Thatha and my bro: La Zi Ji 辣子鸡 (Sauteed diced chicken with chilli).  They cooked much better La Zi Ji compared to some restaurants we tried in Jakarta. 20141228_132231

We had a cold dish 凉拌木耳 Liang Ban Mu Er (Black Fungus in Vinegar). It was too sour and too much sesame oil, so we didn’t finish it. 20141228_132614

We waited for about 20 minutes for this star dish to come out: Double Sided Fish Head with Double Coloured Chilli 双面双色鱼头. This is my dad’s all time favourite Hunan dish. They have a really good broth. I can just eat plain white rice with the broth, extremely yummy! 20141228_133618

While waiting for the fish head, my dad ordered another veggie dish: Sautéed Long Bean with Chilli 大盘长豆.
20141228_134023 20141228_140501


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