Suju Japanese Restaurant is hidden on the fifth floor of Mandarin Gallery. 20141227_184659

Suju is an authentic Japanese restaurant with a long history. The chef in the Singapore branch is Japanese.

We ordered Tempura and Tamago Yaki for sharing. The tempura plate consists of one big shrimp, mushroom, eggplant, pumpkin and asparagus. 20141227_181208


I really love the Tamago Yaki in here, and I bet Riri would love it too. 20141227_182904I ordered Torimomo Teriyaki for main course, which is a fancy term to call Chicken Teriyaki. The teriyaki sauce is very rich in flavour, I really liked it. 20141227_181603All members of our family are fish-lovers, so we ordered three kinds of fish menu. My brother had the Gindara Misozuke Yaki – marinated charcoal grilled silver cod with miso flavour. It is the most expensive fish menu among the three. 20141227_181522My dad ordered the limited item menu: Kama Shio Yaki – grilled fish cheek of the day with sea salt. It is written that this dish will take about 20 – 30 minutes to grill, but turned out that it only took around 10 minutes. 20141227_181515

My mum asked me to pick a dish for her, so I ordered Tsubo-tai Ichiya Boshi – charcoal grilled dried Tsubo snapper. Unfortunately, my mum didn’t really like the fish, as it has so many fatty layers. This fish is known as Kakap in Indonesian. 20141227_181507

The togarashi container is very cute. This small container of chilli powder is barely enough for me and my dad. 20141227_181742


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