Arab Street, Singapore

This is my first time going to Arab Street in Singapore, as my family usually only stays in Orchard and Marina Bay areas. There is an Indonesian restaurant at the beginning of Arab Street called Gurih Restaurant. This Indonesian restaurant serves varieties of Indonesian food, including Java, Padang, and Manado.

20141229_132513 20141229_132812This first part of Arab Street is packed with restaurants. 20141229_132519After passing the first part of Arab Street, the scene changed into retail shops, mostly garment stores. 20141229_133312

North Bridge Street is where Zam Zam, one of famous Indian restaurants in Singapore is located. 20141229_142701Then, we arrived at Kampong Glam, Malaysian Heritage Center, located on Bussorah Street. 20141229_13380620141229_13353220141229_13391420141229_133918

There are a lot of Turkish restaurants on Bussorah Street, which was called Sultan Street before 1910. 20141229_133841
There is a backpacker inn called Green Kiwi, and the colour of the building is as green as kiwi fruit. The inn has its own coffee shop, where the Caucasian lady sit to read a book. 20141229_133726 20141229_133737When we were walking around the area, there were so many Japanese and Korean tourists. There was a sushi bar with a funny name: Sushi Airways, which sounds like Indonesian airline Susi Air. 20141229_133950Moving on to Kandahar Street, the scene turned into indie cafes and restaurants. 20141229_134420 20141229_134428 20141229_134506 20141229_13461020141229_13470220141229_13475820141229_13480720141229_134856Sandwiched between cafes and restaurants, there was a place to play detective games called TRAPPED, which is similar to Escape Hunt or Agent X in Jakarta. I’m curious how the 5D reality escape room will look like, sounds more challenging to the ones I tried in Jakarta. 20141229_134630

20141229_134637 20141229_134642Still on Kandahar Street, there was an interesting looking apparel and accessories boutique with an interesting brand name. 20141229_134727


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