My mum was curious to try the ramen at Chabuton, whose chef was the first ramen chef to ever receive a Michelin Star, Mr. Yasuji Morizumi – the “King of Ramen”. I wonder why the word “ramen” is written as “rahmen” on the logo. 20141228_172527 20141228_172536


As stated on the history above, Chef Morizumi opened CHABUYA restaurant in Tokyo in 1996. The saucer used in Chabuton is printed with this information: Chabuya since 1996. 20141229_124855There are four main types of ramen broths: Tonkotsu, Tonkotsu Shio, Tonkotsu Miso, and Shoyu.20141229_12160720141229_121627 20141229_121642My brother ordered the original version of tonkotsu broth, the one with the recommended sign. My dad picked the spicy version of tonkotsu broth: Chabuton Kara Kara Ramen, with an additional of soft boiled egg. My mum selected the shio broth. I wanted to try the difference among the three versions of tonkutsu broth, so I had the Miso Ramen. They offer two portions, small and large, but we all ordered the small size. 20141229_123856The seasonings for the ramen were a bit unusual, as there were black pepper and fried shallots. 20141229_12214620141229_124115

I am a big fan of ginger, but the ginger pickles here were not the type I like. It was so salty. 20141229_122059

The ramen didn’t taste as good as we expected, but the Hitokuchi Gyoza was nice. The size of the gyoza is smaller than usual, which is maybe why it is called 一口饺子 (One Bite Gyoza). My mum liked how the gyoza skin is very thin. 20141229_123917The staffs at Chabuton didn’t have good knowledge of the menu, as they mixed up our orders. They couldn’t tell the difference among the tonkotsu, shio and miso broth. They also forgot to ask us to customise the ramen to our own liking, including the hardness of noodles, oil level and saltiness.


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