TomYum Kungfu


The ambience inside the restaurant before packed hours 20141229_191210 20141229_191418 20141229_191451

Creative light design

Tableware in front of each seat: wet tissue with restaurant branding, stainless steel duck spoon, pink-coloured disposable plastic sauce container, and small red bowl. 20141229_191220Vintage menu book 20141229_191518Special Set Menu, choice of Regular for 2-3 people or Large for 3-4 people. 20141229_191541

Add-Ons Menu: House Specialties 20141229_191551

Add-Ons Menu: Meat and Seafood 20141229_191557

Add-Ons Menu: Vegetables and Others  20141229_1916046 Soup base selections: Tom Yum Prawn, Tom Yum Kungfu Red/Clear, Fish Maw, Coconut, Green Chicken Curry, Green Fish Curry 
20141229_191609 20141229_191620

A La Carte Menu: Appetizer, Salad, Vegetables, Meat, Seafood, Whole Fish, Hot Plate, Noodle & Rice   20141229_19163220141229_19162420141229_19163620141229_19164320141229_19164620141229_19165020141229_19165320141229_19165920141229_19170420141229_191721We ordered the set menu and Deep Fried Kang Kong.20141229_19284620141229_192650

The chilli added extra sensations to the whole meal. 20141229_193202


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