Pu Tien, Marina Square, Singapore

 We had dinner at Pu Tien in Marina Square on New Year’s Eve. We ordered the Family Set menu to avoid confusion.

What I missed the most from this restaurant is the condiment, so called Putien’s Spice Mum Chilli Sauce20141231_195124 20141231_195934

My mum and my childhood friend’s mum are big fans of taro, so they loved the Stir Fried Yam (Taro) very much. The yam has caramelised crunchy exterior, which I think is Teochew style of making yam dish. This menu was not included in the set, it was additional order. 20141231_195659

My dad’s friend’s daughter was a picky eater, but she got addicted to the Homemade Bean Curd (Tofu). We ordered one more portion of this menu. 20141231_200202

Since there were Muslims, they replaced the pork menu with chicken. The Fried Chicken was really tasty and the chickens were so big. 20141231_202012

Steamed Soon Hock. Soon Hock fish is known as Ikan Malas in Indonesia. The fish was steamed in Hong Kong style, which fit our appetite. 20141231_202019

Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon. The bee hoon tasted very rich in flavour, although it looks plain white. It is cooked it in rich, milky stock of pork bones and old hens for hours. Moreover, the bee hoon is infused with 10 sumptuous ingredients. What made the bee hoon even more special is that Pu Tien uses homemade bee hoon, made from non-glutinous rice flour and dried under the sun for a long time, which results in more springy texture, unlike starchy store-bought bee hoon. The beehoon style is so similar to how my grandmother and my mum always make it, but the is that my mum uses shrimp, but Pu Tien uses clams. 20141231_202449

Complimentary Fruit Platter. Usually Chinese restaurants in Indonesia only serve watermelon, papaya and melon, but this restaurant serves mini tangerines and grapes.  20141231_205110

Dessert of the day 20141231_205728 20141231_204311Apparently, there is a branch of Pu Tien in Jakarta, which is located in Sawah Besar. I’d love to go there with Riri one day.

Happy New Year 2015 20141231_205536


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