Barcook Bakery

On our last day in Singapore, my dad’s acquaintance brought two big bags of bread from Barcook Bakery. There was only one type of bread: Cheese & Raisin Bread. I bet this bread type is so special that she carried it all the way for us to try and bring back to Jakarta. Sadly, the bread shapes were a little bit defected after we arrived in Jakarta.20150103_065001 I fell in love at the first bite, although I do not like raisins. The bread was so soft that it almost felt like not chewing anything. Plus, the cream cheese captured my heart. I will visit Singapore again next month, luckily soon enough. I want to try the other types of bread from Barcook Bakery.

Whoa! They 47 variations of bread are very creative, which are hard to find in Jakarta, such as Choz BananaMash Potato Nachos, Polo Bun, Char Siew Fine Polo, Otah Otah, Yam Delight, Barley Custard and Chempedak. There are so many curry breads: Curry Floss, Curry Mash Potato, Curry Croissant, Curry Guy. Riri, please come with Thatha to try them all! Ulala, they have Coffee Bun! I wonder if it is better than some famous bakeries who offer coffee buns. Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 9.34.05 PM


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