Ben’s Cookies

I was curious to try Ben’s Cookies since there was always a line whenever we passed by. 20141227_194604

I immediately jumped into the waiting line after I saw that the word “ginger”. FYI, that wasn’t my hand that pointed to the label. 20141227_194618

There were ten kinds of flavours: coconut, ginger & dark chocolate, white chocolate & macadamia, cranberry & white chocolate, milk chocolate praline, double chocolate & nuts, milk chocolate orange, dark chocolate chunk, and double chocolate chunk. 20141230_141718 20141230_141802

I ate the Ginger & Dark Chocolate cookie with a glass of warm fresh milk.

Look at the ginger candy in the middle and a triangle piece of dark chocolate. 20141231_090111

I bought two pieces of cookies for my bro who assured me that Ben’s Cookies is worth a try. I picked the Double Chocolate & Nuts by judging from the number of cookies left on the display.20141231_090700

This one below is the  Milk Chocolate Chunk20141231_090843


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