D’Good Cafe

I wanted to check out D’Good Cafe after I saw a picture uploaded by my Singaporean friend on Instagram in which she had a gigantic glass filled with 3 litre of latte. Screenshot_2014-12-22-20-39-26

D’Good Cafe is located in Holland Village, quite nice surroundings. 20150101_133145

Wall of polaroids 20150101_133230

A cute decoration on the stairway 20150101_133247Bar counter on the second floor. D’Good Cafe is a full self-service cafe. The staff suggested us to grab a seat first, then come back to the counter to place an order. Pick up the orders and go to your tagged seats.    20150101_13322520150101_133909

I was very disappointed to realise that the 3-litre-latte menu is only available for birthday person on the exact birth date.  20150101_133703

Special Tea Menu – I forgot to try the Earl Lavender Tea Latte. 20150101_133541

New Dessert Menu 20150101_13371620150101_133745

Food Menu20150101_133821Swings on the Second Floor seating area – a favourite spot for couples 20150101_13341220150101_13344820150101_134140

Rocking chair on the second floor seating area. I like the wooden table. 20150101_135307

I like the idea to hang magazines on ladder sticks 20150101_133437

Rooftop seating area 20150101_13325720150101_163525Hot Cappuccino – The complimentary small biscotti piece filled with dried fruit and nuts made the regular cappuccino tasted more special  20150101_134134

Overall, I like spending a long time in D’Good Cafe since it made me feel like being home. Nobody will try to kick you out of the cafe even if you do not order anything. In many other cafes, the staffs are always around us, which make us feel a little bit intimidating. However, I felt troublesome to carry our own food and drink from the counter to our seats. Indonesians are accustomed to being served instead of serving ourselves. Anyway, me and my girl friends had a great chit chat time here. I will recommend this cafe for group gathering, but I’d prefer a quieter place if I want to spend alone time reading books or browsing. 20150101_134951 20150101_161524 IMG-20150101-WA0024


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