Ma Maison

Me and my brother decided to hunt Japanese food while we were in Singapore. We decided to go to Tonkatsu Ma Maison in Mandarin Gallery, because it was very near to our apartment and it was recommended by Riri. 20141231_114613

What a cute piggy mascot 20141231_123336

As clearly indicated from the mascot, Ma Maison specialises in Mille-feuille Katsu. I have heard the word “katsu” long time ago, but I never really care what it actually means. Now that I work in F&B industry, I learn to pay more attention to details, such as terminology. One may guess that “katsu” means “deep fried” or “breaded with panko”; apparently, “katsu” stands for “katsuretsu”, which means “cutlet”. Fried pork cutlet is called “Tonkatsu”.  20141231_114729

 There are three categories of pork katsu: Rosu Katsu, Hire Katsu and Miso Katsu. “Rosu” is the Japanese term for “pork loin”, whereas “Hire” is the Japanese term for “pork fillet”. Miso Katsu is either Rosu or Hire that is polished with miso sauce. In addition, there is a special pork, the black pork aka Kurobuta
20141231_114814 20141231_11481620141231_114802 20141231_114917

Other than pork, Ma Maison also offers seafood, Ebikatsu (Prawn), Jumbo Ebifurai (Jumbo Prawn), Kakifurai (Oyster) and Crab Croquette. 20141231_114741 20141231_114917 20141231_114827

For those who cannot decide which ingredient to pick, you may choose the mixed platters, including Iroiro Katsu and Okonomi Katsu20141231_114824 20141231_114836My brother picked the Mille Feuille Katsu Set – Deep fried multi layered slice pork cutlet, which comes with a drop of yellow mustard, a huge pile of shredded cabbage, a bowl of steamed white rice, a bowl of tonjiru, a small plate of pickled daikon and an empty three-section sauce plate. 20141231_12043220141231_120506

Each slot of the sauce plate is indicated with the name of condiments, which are salt, sweet Tonkatsu sauce and another unknown sauce. 20141231_120627 20141231_12064820141231_114552Tonjiru is actually miso soup with pork and daikon, the soup is much richer than regular miso soup. 20141231_120556

I ordered 1 piece of Jumbo Ebifurai (Deep Fried Jumbo Prawn). For all seafood menu, there is an additional homemade tar tar sauce. 20141231_120447

I chose the jyuokkokumai (multigrain rice) since I barely eat plain white rice. 20141231_121935

Ma Maison claimed that the rice is very delicious, because it is made with a traditional Japanese rice cooker called Kamado20141231_123313

By the way, do you know that this restaurant and many other similar type restaurants allow you to refill rice, cabbage and tonjiru for free??? 


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