Ya Kun Kaya @ Hotel Santika, Kelapa Gading

While reading the book of Ya Kun, The Top Toast, I paid a visit to a Ya Kun store inside Hotel Santika compound in Kelapa Gading Sport Mall. It is such a coincidence that the founder’s Chinese name is similar to my dad’s Chinese nickname. My dad is usually called Ah Loi, and my dad was born in Pontianak (坤甸 Kūn diàn). The Chinese character of Pontianak, the capital city of West Kalimantan, appears in Ya Kun’s logo.


The logo of Ya Kun has changed into white font on maroon background, whereas before it was red font on white background. I wonder why the year written underneath the logo is 1944, because according to the book, the founder, Mr. Loi Ah Koon, started the coffeestall business with his wife in 1936. The wife invented the recipe of homemade kaya and use it to spread on toast. The kaya toast became a bestseller snack companion for drinking coffee in the morning. At the same time, Mr. Loi added a secret ingredient to his own roasted coffee – Planta margarine, which is known as Blue Band in Indonesia. The husband-wife made a perfect combo, and the business soon became a booming success. Their hardwork paid off, and they were able to raise their eight children. I really treasure their experience in fighting together at their early marriage stage to build a happy family. This touching story somehow affected how I see Ya Kun Kaya today. IMG_0053 IMG_0052I ordered the Traditional Kaya Toast Set Meal, which consists of 8 thinly sliced toasts, a cup of black coffee, and two soft boiled eggs. IMG_0057

I really like how the toasts are very crunchy, almost feel like eating crackers. The kaya jam was not too sweet, and the butter wasn’t overwhelming. I cannot wait to try their other menu: Crackers with Kaya, to taste how crunchy the crackers are.  IMG_0058IMG_0059

However, I was a little bit disappointed at the quality of the eggs. The eggs were probably not at very fresh condition, so they had a little bit of unpleasant smell. IMG_0055The interior of the shop is modern minimalist. IMG_0049 IMG_0051I should install this kind of grill in my future house, so that I can pack good toasts every morning for my husband to bring to office and for my kids to bring to school. IMG_0047

I’d definitely come back again next time, although the pricing is a little bit high for traditional breakfast. Actually, my parents’ hometown, Pontianak, serves similar style of traditional breakfast in much cheaper price. However, the history of Ya Kun has captured my heart. IMG_0050

OATrageous Breakfast

Experiment 1


  • Australian white oats (Ligo Havermout)
  • Fresh milk (Greenfields)
  • New Zealand Manuka Honey
  • Walnut 20141127_06213120141127_062332

Comment on result: this oat tasted much better than the instant Quaker oat

Experiment 2


  • Australian white oats (Ligo Havermout)
  • Fresh milk (Greenfields)
  • Ginger brown sugar
  • Red jujube 红枣 20141129_063211

Previous Experiment


  • Organic oats from Hong Kong
  • Fresh milk
  • Matcha
  • Walnut
  • Strawberry


Comment on result: too little water

EGGsperiment Breakfast

Changing Variables:

  1. Bread
  2. Egg
  3. Seasoning

Experiment 1

Bread: Yin Yang bread (whole wheat with black & white sesame) from Garden Bakery, pan fried

Egg: omelet

Seasoning: Salt & pepper

20141119_060808Comment on result: the bread was soggy

Experiment 2

Bread: Whole wheat from homemade Bakery, toasted for 5 minutes

Egg: soft boiled

Seasoning: Salt & pepper

20141125_055722-5 min20141121_060757 copy

Comment on result: the Hello Kitty toasts were too burnt

Experiment 3

Bread: Homemade Bakery, toasted for 3 minutes

Egg: beaten, microwaved for 30 seconds

Seasoning: ginger brown sugar & black pepper >> meant to be chai 20141129_063641 - 3 min
20141127_064822-beaten, micro 30 sec

Comment on result: the toasts were nicely toasted, but losing the Hello Kitty shape; next step experiment with complete chai spices

Experiment 4

Bread: whole wheat from La Mouette Bakery, toasted for 3 minutes

Egg: unbeaten, microwaved for 45 seconds

Seasoning: Lemon Togarashi

20141130_07021420141130_070731-micro 45sec

Comment on result: the best bread; 30 seconds of microwave should result in runnier egg yolk  

Nasi Tim Pasar Pagi (Cabang Kelapa Gading)

Kelapa Gading outlet, ruko near BPK Penabur


The food price and drink menus are not written on the menu list. Strangely, this eatery do not offer regular tea (teh tawar hangat, es teh tawar, etc). There are only 4 drink menus: mineral water, soymilk, liang teh (herbal tea), and Teh Botol (packaged sweet tea). I wonder why they do not write down the drink menus.

Susu Kacang 20141126_073516

Nasi Tim Ayam + Telor on my 1st visit dated back on July 4, 2014


Nasi Tim Ayam + Telor on my most recent visit, four months after the first visit. Do you notice the change? The rice is no longer served on a ceramic plate, but it is served on top of takeaway paper wrap and a rattan basket. 

Mie Ayam 20141126_073139

Extra charge for additional boiled vegetable 20141126_073507

Two big steamers for the rice


Giant pot for the broth 20141119_104249

The crews (mom & daughter)

20140704_082605 20141126_072923

Sumagung, Kelapa Gading

Kantin Pojok Permata

The concept of this eatery is similar to Warung Kopi Hijas in Pontianak, where the space is rent out to several different vendors and the seating area is shared. In Kantin Pojok Permata, the vendors that open in the morning are Bubur Ayam Pasundan, Lontong Sayur, drink station and Rumah Kopi Kawanua. 20141014_07362420141014_07261820141014_072821

For food, I picked Bubur Ayam Pasundan. 20141014_072610

I like how the porridge is not too watery, and the rice texture is just nice. I have to admit that the cakue tastes very nice although I usually don’t eat cakue.  20141014_072655

For drink, I ordered coffee with egg from the drink station. The female coffee brewer was very confused when I requested to mix the raw egg (telur ayam kampung) into the black bitter coffee. She said she had never witnessed anyone who drinks coffee this way. 20141014_072922

Maybe I’ll try the coffee from Rumah Kopi Kawanua next time, which reminds me of Manado trip. Traditional coffee shops in Manado usually sell biapong (bakpao / steamed buns) along with coffee or tea.

Kantin Cahaya

Kantin Cahaya is located right the opposite of Kantin Pojok Permata, but Kantin Cahaya is solely owned instead of rented out to many vendors like Kantin Pojok Permata. The menu in Kantin Cahaya ranges from ready-to-eat food (prasmanan), nasi uduk, ketupat sayur, bubur ayam, and nasi tim. 20141014_074153 20141013_07085020141013_072241I ordered Bubur Ayam (Chicken Porridge). The porridge loses its rice texture.


I added a portion of sawi pahit from the ready-to-eat counter. 20141013_071402

The owner is very talkactive, as he talked to almost everyone who passed by. There is a traditional market nearby this location, so many housewives and maids pass by this area every morning. 20141013_071118

Cooking Mama is Back

After half a year breakfasting outside, I finally had breakfast at home this morning. I just realised how much I missed my mum’s cooking. Today, she made a traditional Pontianak dish, the purple taro (yam) soup. The tempe goreng was a bit salty, maybe because she hasn’t cooked for a while. Hihihi. Thank you, Mami!
20141003_074749 20141003_074835

Bun Ong

Bun Ong is a Singapore style congee and Hainanese Chicken Rice vendor that is open for 24 hours in Kelapa Gading.20140930_070938

I never realised that it actually has an extensive menu, including noodle, roasted duck, and many options of congee. However, the price list is quite shocking.20140930_071100

I ordered Bubur Ayam Pitan (Chicken Century Egg Porridge), falls under Bubur Kombinasi 1, which costs IDR 38k. The porridge tastes plain, maybe it doesn’t use any MSG. The chicken and century egg toppings were so little. I like how they served it in a sapo bowl. 
20140930_071759Maybe one of the reasons why not so many people dine here is because of the high price.

Porridge Oats

Annie recommended me a good porridge oats produced by CitySuper, which tastes very differently from the most commonly seen oat brand, Quaker. Other than oats, there are many varieties of muesli, such as cranberry Delight, Apple & Apricot Muesli, All Fruit Muesli, Swiss Style Muesli, and Fruit Crunch Muesli. 20140917_185401

I divided the 500 gram of porridge oats to three containers; one for Riri, another one for Steven as birthday present and the last one for me. I used the honey container from Jeju Island Korea for Riri’s portion. Maybe Riri can use the oats to make granola bars hihihi…  20140922_073139

Steven eats a big bowl of Quaker oatmeal every morning, so I thought this healthy food would be a very good birthday gift for him. 20140922_073324

I made use of fancy Japanese masking tape tool to print out the cute labels for the oat gifts.
20140918_212604 20140918_213720